Interested in economical foundation design? Geotechnology can help!

April 18th, 2014

Nucor LA wireless gaugesEconomical design is a buzz word in today’s engineering community, and since the performance of a structure relies on a stable foundation, foundations have historically been conservatively designed. Conservative foundation design typically results from poor or limited subsurface exploration, variable site conditions, uncertainty in static modeling and/or aversion of risk. Conservatism, however, can be reduced by confirming the capacity of a foundation element prior to or during construction. Field verification of axial capacity generally results in reduced factors of safety or increased resistance factors depending on the design methodology.

Static load testing has been the long-time standard for deep foundation capacity verification but is generally limited to a single test or a few wide-spaced tests due to cost. High-strain dynamic load testing (DLT) is a proven and economical alternative for estimating the static axial capacity of a foundation element. DLT is commonly used on driven piles but can also be used to estimate the static axial capacity of auger-cast piles and drilled shafts using modified pile hammers or custom drop hammers. Additional benefits for driven piles include measuring pile stresses and hammer performance during driving.

Geotechnology owns three Pile Driving Analyzers (PDA) and has been providing DLT services to the Midcontinent since the mid-1990s. Our DLT related services include:

  • Foundation design recommendations including appropriate factors of safety or resistance factors
  • Drivability analyses using GRLWEAP software (i.e. preconstruction wave equation analysis modeling)
  • Testing program recommendations and planning (i.e. locations, number of tests, etc.)
  • DLT specification development
  • High-strain dynamic testing
  • Signal matching analyses using CAse Pile Wave Analysis Program (CAPWAP)

Please email Craig Kaibel, P.E. for more information or call 314-997-7440.

Geotechnology Celebrates 30th Anniversary

April 1st, 2014

St. Louis, MO (January 31, 2014) – Geotechnology, Inc., a leading provider of geotechnical and environmental engineering, geophysics, water resource management, materials testing, and drilling services, is celebrating an historic milestone in 2014—it’s 30th year in business.

The company was founded in 1984 by Mike Alizadeh, John Baker, Ron Eckelkamp, Pat Goeke, Don McQueen and Rich Frueh (not pictured).  All professional engineers, their mission was clear: to fill the need for a highly responsive and technically talented St. Louis-based geotechnical engineering firm.

Founding Member photo

“The success of today’s Geotechnology, Inc. is a testament to the vision and dedication of these men who never lost their focus on responsiveness and quality when it came to our clients,” said Ed Alizadeh, President and CEO, Geotechnology, Inc.

It was that focus on delivering quality customer service that enabled the firm to expand its footprint, adding locations in Illinois in 1997, Kansas City in 2002 and Memphis in 2010.  The company employs 153 associates.

As Geotechnology marks its third decade in business, the company proudly boasts of being the market leader in Middle America, and continues to invest in equipment and personnel.  In fact, Geotechnology just purchased a new Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) Rig, becoming the only geotechnical services firm in the region to own such equipment.

100_2777 editedGeotech_30anniv-logo

The company plans a yearlong celebration to mark the anniversary.  The firm has commissioned a new 30th Anniversary Logo, which will be used on all internal and external company materials, including a new advertising campaign focusing on Geotechnology’s history and success.  Special events are also planned throughout the year at each of Geotechnology’s offices in Illinois, Kansas City, Memphis and St. Louis.

Said Alizadeh, “I want to take this opportunity to thank our clients, shareholders, associates, and industry partners for helping Geotechnology achieve this important milestone. As we look forward to the next 30 years, we promise to continue to work diligently to fulfill our mission ‘To be a trusted advisor to our clients and a leader in our communities’.”