• Ash Pond Closure, Construction Management

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Federal and state governments are beginning to assess potential changes in regulations for ash pond closure at coal-powered utility plants. In addition, utility companies are forced to decommission older, inefficient power plants. Closing unlined ash ponds is a proactive way to protect the environment, reduce your environmental liabilities, and give you more control over the time frame and methods used to achieve decommissioning/closure. Geotechnology, Inc. can assist clients with this effort by providing the following services and expertise:

Ash Pond Closure design services:

  • Closure plan
  • Innovative cover designs to save time and materials based on your specific site
  • Construction plans and specifications
  • Surface water collection systems and permitting
  • Groundwater sampling plan
  • Groundwater remedial action plan
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) plan
  • State and local agency meetings and coordination
  • Contractor bidding and selection assistance
  • Global and seismic slope stability evaluation
  • Assessment of soil/clay cover source

Ash Pond Closure Construction management services:

  • Oversee contractors on site
  • Construction observation for work not included in the CQA Plan
  • Report construction progress
  • Assist managing contractor submittals and schedules

Ash Pond Construction quality assurance:

  • Third party construction quality assurance for closure including soils and geosynthetics
  • Soil and concrete testing laboratory
  • CQA reporting

Additional services that add safety & value to your operations

  • Conduct site visits to evaluate the presence of seepage areas and/or erosion
  • Perform a global stability evaluation to determine the embankment factor of safety. This task includes review of in-house (or obtaining)¬†documentation, drilling borings, laboratory testing, and engineering analyses
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Design and permit new ash landfills and ash ponds
  • Perform feasibility studies to assess best future use of ponds