• Due Diligence for Large Sites

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The Ultimate Goal….

  • Reduce risk for developers
  • Streamline design and construction processes
  • Minimize cost increases and delays
  • Determine accurate Geoenvironmental scope

For large undeveloped sites marketed for industrial and commercial development, environmental and geotechnical due diligence are indispensable tools for attracting developers. Geotechnology’s interdisciplinary team of geotechnical and environmental engineers, environmental scientists and geophysicists can conduct the necessary due diligence to help owners and developers better characterize properties, plan projects and make informed decisions about the property. The assessments described here are a cost-effective approach to providing a more thorough understanding of the site. If these elements aren’t included, the risk of project delays and additional costs may increase.

Desk study and/or Preliminary Subsurface Investigation

The desk study assists clients in identifying potential ground hazards and corresponding primary risks quickly and non-intrusively at an early stage so that these risks can be better managed during the design and construction process. The Geotechnical desk study can provide early warning of hazards such as:

  • Slope instability
  • Underground utilities
  • Abandoned mines
  • Elevated seismic risk
  • Sinkholes & related karst features
  • Depth to bedrock
  • Faults and fractures

We provide geophysical surveys which has become one of the most useful and cost-effective tools available for subsurface site characterization. Geophysical investigations can:

  • Provide subsurface data at locations inaccessible to drill rigs or other heavy equipment.
  • Provide subsurface data at culturally and ecologically sensitive locations deemed off limits to drill rigs or heavy equipment.
  • Prioritize intrusive exploration activities.
  • Establish locations of “Smart Borings” – borings located at geophysical features or anomalies to maximize subsurface exploration information.