Duncan Adrian, P.E.

Geotechnical Manager - South Region


Duncan Adrian, P.E. is the Geotechnical Manager for the South Region, covering Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. He is responsible for the management of geotechnical investigation and design projects. He has extensive experience with the geotechnical design aspects of highways, bridges, levees, buildings, retention systems and other structures. Engineering analysis and design experience includes: shallow foundations, deep foundations, earth retention systems, slope stability, liquefaction, and seepage.

Duncan Adrian’s Background

Mr. Adrian was the recipient of the Mike Alizadeh/Geotechnology Scholarship in the Fall of 2011. While working as a Graduate Research Assistant, Mr. Adrian performed extensive studies of the collapsibility of west Tennessee loess.

Duncan has earned a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering fro the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the University of Tennessee.