Frank Callanan, P.E., D.GE

Vice President, Professional Services Manager

Frank Callanan provides oversight for, and assesses present and future profit opportunities for all Regions. Working closely with Risk, Operations, Quality and Exploration Managers and Business Development, directs and coordinates broad corporate activities having as their purpose: the quality, safety and efficiency of our Regional and Specialty Testing practices, the planning, development and implementation of policies, programs and practices in support of technical disciplines, planning operations and professional development. Responsible for effective, safe and efficient utilization of human and equipment resources.

Frank’s wide technical knowledge, combined with his ability to clearly communicate technical issues, makes him a trusted asset at Geotechnology.

Frank Callanan’s Background

Frank brings a common-sense approach to projects and has received several professional awards for his work. His awards include the ASCE Outstanding Project Award, an ACEC-MO 2007 Grand Award for Ameristar Casino Hotel and Garage in St. Charles, Missouri, and an ACEC-MO 2013 Award for the Memphis Pyramid Seismic Strengthening project.

Frank is a Board Certified Geotechnical Engineer, awarded by AGP in recognition of his experience. Frank is a registered professional engineer in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, and California. Additionally, he belongs to the American Society of Civil Engineers and Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.

Frank earned a Master of Science in geotechnical and structural engineering and geology from Cornell University. In addition, he received a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and mathematics from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked in USA, Ireland, England and Russia.