Lakeview Commerce Center – Building III

April 15th, 2015

Owner: Panattoni Development Company
Client: Brinkmann Constructors
Location: Edwardsville, Illinois
Services: Construction materials testing, special inspections

Scope of services: The project consisted of a new single-story 400,000 square foot tilt-up concrete panel warehouse. The building was designed to be founded on shallow column and continuous foundations with a slab-on-grade. Site improvements consisted of an asphalt-surfaced and concrete-surfaced parking lot, drive lanes, and roadways. Geotechnology provided construction materials testing for soil, aggregate, concrete, hot-mix asphalt, floor flatness and levelness, shallow foundations, reinforcing steel, and structural steel.

Problem: The project site consisted of potentially expansive, high plasticity clay soils.

Solution: Instead of removing and replacing the unsuitable soil with a low plasticity soil, the owner elected to treat the existing soil with code-L, a by-product of the lime manufacturing process. Code-L is blended with the soil at predetermined percentages causing a change in the soil’s chemical and physical properties. This reaction changes the soil plasticity and subsequently reduces the swelling potential.

Benefit: By adding code-L to reduce the plasticity of the soil, there is a reduced risk of the soil swelling, which could lead to damaged foundations costing the owner money. Additional benefi ts include increased soil strength and reduced moisture content.

Cargill East Expansion

March 4th, 2014

Owner: Cargill, Inc.
Client: ADF Engineering
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Services: Geotechnical, Drilling, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Soils & Materials Testing

Geotechnology provided geotechnical subsurface exploration and subsurface utility locating services to Quality Level B, helping identify potential utilities in the area of proposed grounding rod installations. The project included the construction of approximately 22,150 feet of one to two railroad tracks north of Harbor Avenue on President’s Island Industrial Park.

Field exploration consisted of drilling 48 borings of depths ranging from 15-60 feet using all-terrain rotary drill rigs. Standard Penetration Tests (SPT’s) were performed using automatic hammers. Blow counts, or ‘N’-values, were recorded and are presented on the boring logs. Split-spoon and relatively undisturbed samples were obtained in general conformance with applicable ASTM standards at the depths indicated on the boring logs.

Geotechnology also performed multiple laboratory tests on select soil samples. Testing included: moisture content determinations, Atterberg limits, grain size analysis, unconfined compression strength testing, unconsolidated-undrained triaxial compression (UU) testing, consolidated-undrained triaxial compression (CU), direct shear, one-dimensional consolidation, and relative density.

StructureScan was performed using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using Geonics EM31 and EM61 and 3D GPR data. The surveys were conducted to determine the reinforcing steel layout in a holding tank foundation and tilt up wall.

All of the tests performed were used by Geotechnology in providing engineering analysis and consulting services to the client. Detailed recommendations were provided as a result of Geotechnology’s interpretation of exploration data and past experience.

Electrolux Home Products

December 27th, 2012

Owner: Electrolux Home Products
Client: Albert Kahn Associates, Inc
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Services: Geotechnical, Drilling, Construction Materials Testing

Services for the new manufacturing facility include geotechnical, subsurface exploration, drilling and construction materials testing (CMT) for the new manufacturing, warehouse and office facility. The area is roughly 650 acres and was previously used for agricultural purposes and is a part of the Frank C. Pidgeon Industrial Park. The facility consists of an approximately 741,000 square feet manufacturing facility, a warehouse of approximately 495,000 sf, and office space of approximately 127,000 sf. Ancillary buildings, parking lots and drives are also planned.

A site specific study using Multi Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) and Refraction Microtremor (ReMi) methods was completed and provided an improved International Building Code (IBC) rating for the sight and therefore required a less conservative seismic design and construction requirements.

Riviana Foods Distribution Center

October 31st, 2012

Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Client/Owner: Riviana Foods
Services: Construction Materials Testing, Geotechnical

The client required geotechnical engineering and construction observation services for a new $100 million 450,000-square-foot distribution center.

The firm provided geotechnical and construction observation services for the construction of the 450,000-square-foot distribution center. The project also included constructing additional storage bin silos and the relocation of an existing rail line. Services included geotechnical drilling and sampling, laboratory testing, engineering analyses, observation and testing of soil and asphalt placement, backfill of utility trenches, reinforcing steel placement and concrete sampling and testing.

The in-situ soil conditions in the area of the proposed facility consisted of approximately 15 to 20 feet of uncontrolled fill materials. Due to the size of the building footprint and the depth of the soft and deleterious materials, it was not cost feasible to improve the soil conditions by means of undercutting and backfilling with suitable materials. Therefore, we recommended the use of an intermediate foundation system of rammed aggregate piers for bearing capacity improvement and settlement control purposes. Our team also worked closely with the owner, design team and contractor to develop the most cost-effective, efficient approach to solving the soil issues encountered in other areas of the facility, such as drive and parking areas and the rail line, all while ensuring that the client’s main goal of building a functioning facility was met.

Nucor Steel

October 31st, 2012

Location: Nationwide and International
Client/Owner: Nucor Steel
Services: Geotechnical, Water Resource Management

We have been serving as the geotechnical consult for Nucor Steel over the past 21 years.

Since 1984, services for Nucor include full-scale subsurface explorations, site improvement and foundation recommendations, lateral side support and dewatering design for plants and mills throughout the United States. Innovative site improvement techniques, such as electro-osmosis, were implemented and successfully executed. The latest facility is the St. James Parish, Louisiana site, which required the development of various state-of-the-art solutions to constructing on difficult soil.

Another project highlight is the deep foundation analysis performed for the Point Lisas, Trinidad plant. The construction included transporting more than 8,000 HP 14’ x 73’ piles, which were produced at the Blytheville, Arkansas plant, incurring significant transportation cost. The local geotechnical consultant recommended a 120-foot pile embedment length. Our team utilized a new technique of combining both static and dynamic load testing of piles over a certain period to establish a site-specific setup factor and predict the pile capacity during the service life of the facility. This approach resulted in reducing the pile embedment length to 80 feet for 7,200 piles. This innovative solution resulted in a significant cost savings.

Sigma-Aldrich Environmental Site Assessments

October 31st, 2012

Location: Nationwide
Client/Owner: Sigma-Aldrich
Services: Environmental

Geotechnology has performed environmental due diligence for a number of recent company acquisitions by Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. These acquisitions included companies in Wyoming, Ohio and Wisconsin. For these projects, Geotechnology completed Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), asbestos and lead surveys, and environmental compliance assessments. Sigma-Aldrich used this information to make decisions concerning acquisition feasibility and cost.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

October 31st, 2012

Location: Memphis, Tennessee 
Client: O’Neal Constructors, Inc.
Owner: Mitsubishi Electric Power Products
Services: Environmental, Geotechnical, Drilling, Water Resource Management, Construction Materials Testing

Mitsubishi’s new Electric Power Products manufacturing facility and connecting rail line is on an approximately 150-acre undeveloped site in south Memphis.

The $207 million electric transformer manufacturing facility had an aggressive due diligence schedule and Geotechnology’s pre-construction services and exceeded the accelerated schedule.

The project broke ground in the summer of 2011 and is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Services included:

  • Environmental site assessment
  • Preliminary and final design of geotechnical subsurface exploration
  • Drilling
  • Wetlands/Waters of the United States delineation, including state and federal permitting assistance for proposed wetlands impacts
  • Construction materials testing (CMT) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services
  • Pile testing program: high-strain dynamic pile testing of 14-inch, precast, prestressed concrete pile and HP 14×73 piles, including static load testing