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Overwater Drilling: Services from Geotechnology:

Our in-house drilling staff well versed in drilling in difficult site conditions including overwater drilling. The field and exploration staff perform these services using the protective monitoring and safety equipment necessary to achieve the required levels of protection for personnel working on these types of assignments.

Just a few of the unique challenges that arise from overwater drilling include:

  • Safely setting the casing can be greatly impacted by water current exerting force on conductor casings¬†installed into the river’s mud line.
  • River stages vary by several feet within a day thereby requiring depth measurements to be adjusted accordingly all while maintaining casing integrity.
  • Methane gas generated by decaying organic material in the river/lake bottom is often encountered. Although the gas pockets are relatively small, they can delay drilling while the gas is vented.
  • While the weather is always a variable in safety when on the water the issues are intensified. Cold weather can cause ice to form almost immediately on exposed surfaces including drill rods as they come out of the hole. Thunderstorms and lightening during the spring and summer months require egress plans or an on board shelter to be in place.

A few examples of projects Geotechnology has performed overwater drilling are: