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Ameren Ash Pond Assessment & Monitoring

Owner/Client: Ameren
Location: Multiple Power Plants throughout Illinois

Services: Geotechnical, Environmental

Geotechnology provided geotechnical and environmental consulting services with the purpose of evaluating the stability of ash pond embankments, develop groundwater monitoring wells and complete one round of groundwater sampling. This work was completed for eight Ameren Energy Resources power plant sites in Illinois.

Embankment stability evaluations focused on providing Ameren with information necessary to make decisions concerning the future study of the ash ponds. Global stability analysis was completed for each site which compared the sliding and restraining forces along possible slide planes and determining the factor of safety. The global stability analysis involved completing a number of subsurface borings per site and performing laboratory tests on samples obtained from the borings to develop geotechnical parameters needed to analyze slope stability.

The project also involved the installation of groundwater monitoring wells at the ash pond sites. Three to five monitoring wells were installed by Geotechnology’s drilling division for quarterly monitoring. Geotechnology completed the initial quarter of groundwater monitoring by developing the wells and then purging and sampling them.