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Callaway Nuclear Steam Generator Replacement

Owner/Client: Ameren
Location: Callaway, Missouri
Services: Geotechnical, Drilling

In part because of Geotechnology’s excellent safety record, the team was selected to perform drilling and geotechnical services for construction required to replace four steam generators. In order to replace these generators a new docking facility, river access road, creek crossing, old steam generator storage facility and various other support facilities needed to be constructed.

The varied surface conditions and access issues required the use of a number of different drill rig types including track-mounted, all-terrain, a remote-controlled vehicle for low clearance drilling, and a truck-mounted angle hole drilling rig to perform borings and Standard Penetration Tests (SPT’s) using an automatic hammer.

Due to the varied site conditions number of foundation recommendations were made including a multi-cell box culvert for the river crossing, crushed rock reinforced with a geogrid for certain sections, and mat foundations and strip and spread footings for the storage facilities.