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CSO 483 Drainage Basin

Location: Clermont County, Ohio
Owner: Clermont County Water Resources Dept.
Services: Geotechnical

The CSO 483 drainage basin follows Kings Run Stream, which has been developed over the years, resulting in sections of the stream being culverted and upon which fill has been placed. The improvements within this basin will include new sewer alignments, an underground CSO surge tank, and several detention basins. Portions of the new sewer alignments will require open cut and shored excavations along with trenchless installation methods beneath an existing 14-foot by 8-foot combined trunk sewer. Installation of tied-back retaining walls will be required along portions of the sewer alignments to protect the proposed sewer during and after construction from potential slope instability. Thelen Associates, Inc. performed a geotechnical exploration for this project, which involved borings, laboratory testing, and slope stability analyses. This project is currently proceeding through the design phase.


Work performed by Thelen Associates, Inc.