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Highway 47 Bridge Over the Missouri River

Location: Washington, Missouri
Client: HDR Engineering, Inc.
Owner: Missouri Department of Transportation
Services: Drilling, Geotechnical

Geotechnology provided geotechnical services for the design of a new bridge immediately upstream of the existing bridge in accordance with the “Adjacent Upstream Alternative” from the Environmental Assessment. The bridge was designed using LRFD methodology. The geotechnical scope of services assumed a 9-span bridge located parallel and to the west of the existing bridge. It also assumed a mechanically stabilized earth wall would be necessary at the south end bent, and a planned approach embankment north of Bent 1 that is anticipated to be approximately 20-25 feet high and extend 500-600 feet in length. Drilling included land and river borings for the proposed bridge, mse wall, the north approach embankment, and the approach pavement on both sides of the river.

The Route 47 Missouri Bridge needs to be replaced because of its deteriorating condition as it is a vital link for the community. About 11,000 vehicles travel over the bridge each day. A new bridge will improve safety, improve reliability and contribute to the continued growth in the area.

The proposed new bridge would provide safer and more efficient travel for many motorists traveling between Franklin and Warren Counties.