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KDOT Off-System Bridge Scour Analysis

Location: Statewide, Kansas
Client: TranSystems Corporation
Owner: Kansas Department of Transportation
Services: Geotechnical

There are roughly 22,000 off-system bridges in the State of Kansas, of which Geotechnology’s services will be utilized on approximately 8,800. These services include performing office reviews of plans, and county and state geologic maps (as available), review of state water well logs, aerial surveys, state highway department plans, and previous bridge inspection assessments of roughly 3,000 bridges. Based on the results of these office reviews, field observations of selected bridges will be performed. On-system bridges are those under the authority of KDOT and the off-system multi-span bridges, box culverts, and pipes, are maintained and observed by county personnel. The Department of Transportation is requiring all states to catalog and do condition surveys, and scour assessments of all bridges in their states.