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Little Rock Airport Void Detection

Owner: Little Rock National Airport
Client: Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton and Wyatt, Inc.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Services: Geophysics

Overview: Geotechnology was contracted to help determine the condition of the subgrade beneath a section of distressed taxiway pavement. An ongoing geotechnical evaluation and soil sampling program discovered areas of irregular fill and voids beneath a section of taxiway.

Detail: Geophysical services, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) data were collected using both 400 and 270 MHz antennae along parallel and perpendicular lines over the taxiway. The grid of 2D GPR lines were combined and processed as 3D data volumes to help resolve potential voids beneath the concrete taxiway. Our geophysicist identified several suspected voids which were verified and grouted during subsequent coring investigations.