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New Orleans Levees

Location: New Orleans Levees, Belle Chasse, Louisiana

We contributed two crews, a truck and an ATV rig to a 23-rig project team whose assignment was to drill and obtain undisturbed samples required to evaluate the geologic conditions along major portions of the New Orleans levee system. Based on our superior performance, we were one of three subcontract drilling firms invited to return to the project.New Orleans levee system. Based on our superior performance, we were one of three subcontracted drilling firms invited to return to the project.

We completed a three-month assignment where two drill crews completed 47 borings (approximately 3,200 linear feet). Borings were drilled using six-inch mud rotary methods and continuously sampled with five-inch thin wall tubes using a piston sampler. Soft soils in the area required drilling, sampling and sample handling crews to take extra care to maintain the samples in an undisturbed state for subsequent laboratory testing. Boring depths ranged from 60 feet to 120 feet and were grouted upon completion.

The client requested additional help from us for work on sites that included flood walls and pump stations at Jump Basin Road in Venice, Atchafayala Basin Levee in Morgan City, Braithwaite and Bohemian levees in Braithwaite and levees in Empire and Chalmette. Crews drilled and sampled 6,500 linear feet of undisturbed sediment using five-inch piston samplers plunging 50 feet to 150 feet deep. The entire drilling and sampling program was completed in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ensure strict adherence to their QA/QC policy that mandates procedures to obtain representative samples. As a result of their work on this project, our crews were ranked by the Corps as top performers.