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Nucor Steel
Location: Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Ohio, Connecticut, Nebraska, Mexico and Trinidad
Geotechnical Consultants

We* have been serving as the geotechnical consult for Nucor Steel over the past 21 years.

Details of Nucor Steel Geotechnical Consultancy:
Since 1984, services for Nucor Steel include full-scale subsurface explorations, site improvement and foundation recommendations, lateral side support and dewatering design for plants and mills throughout the United States. Innovative site improvement techniques, such as electro-osmosis, were implemented and successfully executed.

Another project highlight is the deep foundation analysis performed for the Point Lisas, Trinidad plant. The construction included transporting more than 8,000 HP 14’ x 73’ piles, which were produced at the Blytheville, Arkansas plant, incurring significant transportation cost. The local geotechnical consultant recommended a 120-foot pile embedment length. Our team utilized a new technique of combining both static and dynamic load testing of piles over a certain period to establish a site-specific setup factor and predict the pile capacity during the service life of the facility. This approach resulted in reducing the length to 80 feet for 7,200 piles. This innovative solution resulted in a significant cost savings.

*This project was performed by Hall, Blake & Associates, Inc. – A Division of Geotechnology, now the team in the Memphis branch office of Geotechnology, Inc.