Wentzville High School

April 24th, 2015

Location: Wentzville, Missouri
Owner: Wentzville R-IV School District
Client: Hoerner Associates, Inc.
Services: Environmental, Water Resource Management

Geotechnology provided geotechnical engineering, Phase I ESA, and natural systems consulting services related to wetlands/Waters of the United States (WOUS) delineation and 404/401 permit application.

Phase I ESA performed during the due diligence period did not indicate the presence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) on the site; however, during the initial Phase I ESA research, it was apparent that potential jurisdictional Waters of the United States (WOUS) may be present on the site. In particular, an unnamed tributary with an established riparian corridor, two ponds and apparent isolated wetlands. Results of the delineation and USACE coordination indicated that the project site contained jurisdictional WOUS that would be subject to Section 404 and 401 reviews; specifically, two tributaries and a drainageway.

Geotechnology worked with the design team and came up with a mitigation strategy that reduced stream impacts, leaving several hundred feet of stream undisturbed. Based on the reduction in stream impacts, Geotechnology was able to formulate an on-site mitigation plan, thus eliminating the need to buy stream mitigation credits from an off-site mitigation bank. The mitigation plan included extensive bush honeysuckle removal in the existing riparian corridor as well as supplemental planting of native grasses, shrubs, and trees.The removal of bush honeysuckle not only met mitigation needs, but also opened up the stream corridors for better visibility as desired by the School District.

By reducing stream impacts and mitigating on-site, Geotechnology and the design team helped reduce mitigation costs by approximately $300,000. Additionally, due to the minimal impacts proposed for the project, the USACE processed the Section 404 permit as a Nationwide Permit instead of an Individual Permit. Issuance of a Nationwide Permit effectively reduced the permitting time frame by at least three months. The final project preserved the majority of the jurisdictional streams on the site and enhanced the riparian corridor.

Saint Louis Zoo

December 20th, 2012

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Client: Numerous
Owner: Saint Louis Zoological Park Commission & Saint Louis Zoo Association
Services: Geotechnical, Construction Observation & Materials Testing, Water Resource Management

Inspired by the 1904 World’s Fair Flight Cage, the City of St. Louis’ civic leaders established the Zoological Society of St. Louis in 1910 and in 1913 obtained authority over 70 acres in Forest Park where it currently resides. The St. Louis Zoo is one of the few free zoos in the nation and is currently home to more than 19,000 wild animals.

The zoo plays host to a number of educational programs, special public events and is available to rent for private functions throughout the year.

Geotechnical, construction materials testing (CMT), environmental, water resource management, non-destructive testing (NDT) and drilling services have been provided for zoo projects since 1998. Some of these projects include:

Nucor Steel

October 31st, 2012

Location: Nationwide and International
Client/Owner: Nucor Steel
Services: Geotechnical, Water Resource Management

We have been serving as the geotechnical consult for Nucor Steel over the past 21 years.

Since 1984, services for Nucor include full-scale subsurface explorations, site improvement and foundation recommendations, lateral side support and dewatering design for plants and mills throughout the United States. Innovative site improvement techniques, such as electro-osmosis, were implemented and successfully executed. The latest facility is the St. James Parish, Louisiana site, which required the development of various state-of-the-art solutions to constructing on difficult soil.

Another project highlight is the deep foundation analysis performed for the Point Lisas, Trinidad plant. The construction included transporting more than 8,000 HP 14’ x 73’ piles, which were produced at the Blytheville, Arkansas plant, incurring significant transportation cost. The local geotechnical consultant recommended a 120-foot pile embedment length. Our team utilized a new technique of combining both static and dynamic load testing of piles over a certain period to establish a site-specific setup factor and predict the pile capacity during the service life of the facility. This approach resulted in reducing the pile embedment length to 80 feet for 7,200 piles. This innovative solution resulted in a significant cost savings.

Relief Well Pilot Borings

October 31st, 2012

Location: Hillhouse, Mississippi
Client: Drilling Services, Inc
Owner: USACE – Memphis District

Services: Drilling, Water Resource Management

Geotechnology’s drill crews installed 60 pilot borings to provide well design information for the installation of 10-inch diameter relief wells along the east bank of the Mississippi River in northwest Mississippi. Boring depths ranged from 90 to 135 feet. Soil samples were collected at 2.5-foot centers through the planned screen intervals. Per USACE requirement, only potable water and biodegradable polymers were used as drilling fluids. Drilling and sampling operations were supervised by representatives of the Memphis District. Geotechnology, Inc. mobilized one rubber tired CME 750X ATV rig and a track mounted CME55HT drill rig for the project. Despite abnormally wet conditions, Geotechnology’s crews completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

America’s Central Port

October 31st, 2012

Location: Granite City, Illinois
Client/Owner: America’s Central Port
Services: Construction Observation and Quality ControlWater Resource Management

Geotechnology has recently finished up our services for design and construction of a new slip harbor on the east bank of the Mississippi River located at America’s Central Port (ACP) near Granite City, Illinois.  Once open, six railroads and four interstate highways with a lock-free public inland waterway environment will come together to create a multi-modal gateway of both national and regional significance.  The South Harbor will utilize the marine highway opportunity on the Mississippi River to transport cargo from points north of Chicago, Illinois to the ports of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.  More than 3 million tons of cargo pass through the port each year. The ease of connecting river, rail, and road at one location will save both time and money.  The new harbor is expected to increase tonnage by 30 percent and create up to 800 full-time jobs.

A levee underseepage study was conducted to assess the impacts from planned developments, if any, and if required remediation(s) to the levee system at River’s Edge would need to be made to maintain seepage conditions acceptable to the Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District. Existing boring and well logs provided by the St. Louis District were reviewed to develop numeric models for several planned development scenarios, and conduct analyses to guide development of the remainder of the underseepage study.

Initial studies of existing conditions indicated that the exit gradient landward of the levee did not meet the Corps target value. In conjunction with development, the need for remedial measures regarding underseepage, such as additional relief wells, modeling planned fills on the levee inboard side as a seepage berm, or adding cut off walls to maintain an acceptably low exit gradient landward of the levee will be required. The underseepage study was completed by performing additional borings on the landward and river sides of the levee supplementing the Corps borings, gradation tests from which permittivity values of the sand were correlated, and detailed numeric studies using a spreadsheet model benchmarked to ground surface topography, stratigraphy, and hydraulic conditions specific to the site.

We provided construction observation and quality control testing during construction which included grain size analysis, moisture contents, Atterberg limits, Proctors, and compaction testing using sand cone and nuclear density methods per USACE specifications.  Laboratory testing was performed in our USACE-validated laboratory.  Construction tasks within the project included relief wells, a cut-off trench, harbor excavation, roadways, future building pad sites, and parking areas.  Approximately 560,000 cubic yards of soil was excavated and placed in various locations.

Natural systems consulting services have been provided to America’s Central Port since 2007. Wetland delineations of the 1,200-acre River’s Edge Development as well as an adjacent 63-acre site along the Mississippi River, identifying over 50 acres of wetlands and water courses have been performed. Currently, the project team is assisting TCRPD with biological assessments and mitigation services associated with a proposed harbor. To date, mitigation services have included reviewing thousands of acres in the project area for suitable wetland and stream mitigation as well as preparing a working mitigation plan.

This project has a significant amount of public and regulatory agency interaction and the team has been a crucial element in maintaining correspondence and attending meetings.

Detailed Site Investigation for Utility Waste Landfill

October 31st, 2012

Location: Carroll County, Missouri
Client/Owner: AECI
Services: Drilling, Geotechnical, Water Resource Management

Geotechnology was selected by the client/owner to conduct a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) for a proposed 142-acre utility waste landfill. Since completion of the project, Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) has approved the DSI.

Aspects of this project included:

  • Preparation of an MDNR-approved DSI Work Plan
  • Participation in a public meeting to address concerns by area residents
  • Installation of piezometers in alluvial and glacial soils
  • Continuous soil and rock sampling
  • Preparation of a comprehensive DSI report
  • Evaluation of an acceptable groundwater monitoring approach
  • Recommendations for engineering and design based on the DSI
  • Negotiations with the MDNR-Division of Geology and Land Survey
  • Hollow stem auger drilling and rock coring were performed as part of the DSI services.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

October 31st, 2012

Location: Memphis, Tennessee 
Client: O’Neal Constructors, Inc.
Owner: Mitsubishi Electric Power Products
Services: Environmental, Geotechnical, Drilling, Water Resource Management, Construction Materials Testing

Mitsubishi’s new Electric Power Products manufacturing facility and connecting rail line is on an approximately 150-acre undeveloped site in south Memphis.

The $207 million electric transformer manufacturing facility had an aggressive due diligence schedule and Geotechnology’s pre-construction services and exceeded the accelerated schedule.

The project broke ground in the summer of 2011 and is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Services included:

  • Environmental site assessment
  • Preliminary and final design of geotechnical subsurface exploration
  • Drilling
  • Wetlands/Waters of the United States delineation, including state and federal permitting assistance for proposed wetlands impacts
  • Construction materials testing (CMT) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services
  • Pile testing program: high-strain dynamic pile testing of 14-inch, precast, prestressed concrete pile and HP 14×73 piles, including static load testing

FeeFee Trunk FF-15 Sanitary Sewer Relief

October 31st, 2012

Location: Maryland Heights, Missouri
Client: BIS Frucon Engineering
Owner: MSD
Services: Water Resource Management, Environmental

Geotechnology has assisted BIS Frucon with environmental consulting, planning and data interpretation of contaminated environmental media, stream bank stabilization, and natural systems assessment tasks for this project. In addition, geomorphological observations were performed to evaluate stabilization recommendations, including composite revetment layered with native plantings, turf-reinforcement mats with native plantings, and grade control structures. As part of continued services Geotechnology is assisting with acquisition of the projects’ 404 and 401 permits. Geotechnology conducted a Sunshine Act file review and met with Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) personnel to develop a hazardous waste delisting request and work plan with the anticipation of minimizing construction costs associated with new sewer installation. In August 2011 Geotechnology received a letter from MDNR that officially delists the soil, groundwater and bedrock from being a listed hazardous waste. The implication of this delisting is significant: soil, groundwater and bedrock generated during the construction of the new sewer alignment will not be considered hazardous waste. The handling/disposal effort and costs associated with this designation will thus be greatly reduced.

Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)

October 31st, 2012

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Client: Numerous
Owner: MSD
Services: Geotechnical, Water Resource Management, Geophysical, Drilling, Construction Materials Testing/Observation

Since 1999, Geotechnology has provided geotechnical, field and laboratory testing, slope stability, environmental, geomorphological evaluation, natural systems evaluation, geophysical, drilling, construction observation and materials (CMT) testing services for a number of projects throughout the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County for MSD.

A representation of these projects includes but is not limited to:


October 23rd, 2012

Location: Various locations throughout Missouri and Illinois
Client: Numerous
Owner: Ameren
Services: Water Resource Management, Geotechnical, Environmental, Drilling

Services provided to Ameren include:

  • Coal Combustion Waste Improvements
  • Drilling
  • Ash Pond Assessment, Monitoring & Closure
  • Embankment Stability Evaluations
  • Geotechnical Engineering & Consulting
  • Environmental Engineering & Consulting
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation & Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing of Soils & Rock
  • Construction Materials Oversight & Testing

An example of projects performed for Ameren include: