Are you ready for the new MDNR MRBCA Tank Regulations?

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Geotechnology engineers working at project site

For nearly 30 years, Geotechnology has been involved in underground storage tank (UST) closure services, leaking USTBased Corrective Action (MRBCA) regulation and guidance document that replaces the 2004 guidance document. Geotechnology can help guide you through the new process. If you have a site already in the MDNR Tanks program, we can help you decide if changing to the new regulation would benefit you and your property.


Highlights of the new guidance document include:

  • Soil type testing and assessments are no longer required for a Tier 1 Risk Assessment.
  • The Default Target Levels (DTLs) and Risk Based Target Levels (RBTLs) for soil and water have been updated.
  • New guidance for obtaining soil geotechnical information for Tier 2 Risk Assessment was added.
  • The groundwater use evaluation process has been revised and expanded.
  • The Missouri Environmental Geology Atlas (MEGA) is no longer being maintained or accepted as a current source of information by the MDNR.
  • Soil vapor testing is permitted at each stage of the risk-assessment process.

Email Anna Saindon, Ph.D, P.E., R.G. or call 314-997-7440 ext 3345, for more information on how Geotechnology can help you navigate your site through the new regulation and assist in bringing your site to closure.