We offer the best of both worlds — national-caliber expertise and cutting-edge resources, coupled with regional know-how and small-company values. We also manage a diverse array of projects and thrive by providing our clients with an array of quality services.

We’re Ready for You

Part of providing our special brand of service is owning and maintaining our own equipment. This sets us apart from competitors by helping us accommodate busy schedules and meet tight deadlines. So if your project requires expert service ranging from environmental due diligence to construction materials testing, we’re there from the ground up.


Add that to our 30-plus years of experience with drilling, environmental, geophysical, geotechnical, construction materials testing and non-destructive materials testing and you have a diverse, capable team. We have distinguished ourselves in the industry through our responsiveness, expertise and knowledge of our clients’ business objectives.


Comprehensive and diverse service is a fundamental element of our business. We work diligently to satisfy project demands and exceed client expectations. Partnering with our service groups, the development, industrial and transportation and infrastructure market teams provides each client with a customized service plan that addresses the unique needs of projects.

Geotechnology, Inc. is a proud ISN Member.