Geotechnology Exploration, LLC

Geotechnology Exploration, LLC’s exploration team provides innovative solutions to challenging drilling issues.

Geotechnology Exploration, LLC is a single-member limited liability company established in 2020. Our exploration group is comprised of licensed, highly-trained drillers. Our team is skilled in developing resourceful solutions to difficult drilling obstacles and in operating all of our drill rigs. We operate and maintain our own fleet of 20 fully equipped drill rigs and one cone penetration testing (CPT) track rig, GeoProbe 3230 combo rig, GeoProbe 7822DT combo rig and Terra Sonic 1500CC sonic drill to provide our clients with reliable drilling services without the extra hassle of scheduling third-party equipment or services.

Our team is equipped with an extensive inventory of backup and support equipment, as well as experienced project management personnel. As a result, we have the resources to go head-to-head with bigger companies while still providing the personalized service our clients deserve.

Our drilling technical group undertakes geotechnical and environmental projects that require complex sampling procedures and techniques under extremely difficult conditions and expertise in every phase of drilling, sampling and rock coring. This includes numerous hazardous waste sites that require personal protection up to hazmat level “B.” This level mandates that operators must be outfitted with supplied air.

Geotechnology engineers working at project site on water
Our team’s experience consists of extensive overwater drilling and sampling experience on rivers, contaminated ponds and lagoons, and appropriate handling of sensitive soil samples.

Drill crews are proficient in drilling through various types of subsurface conditions. Our crews have experience with soft sediments of levees and river banks, deep alluvial and glacial soils, deposits of sand, clay, gravel, limestone, shale, and karst features.

Geotechnology Exploration’s fleet of 20 rigs includes ATV, track-mounted and skid-mounted drills with automatic hammers, a Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) rig, a GeoProbe 3230 combo rig, and a GeoProbe 7822DT combo rig. Eight drill rigs have angle drilling capabilities. Three track-mounted drill rigs have low clearance for sites with limited vertical access. We also operate one vacuum excavation system.

All Geotechnology Exploration field crews are currently medically qualified and are OSHA health and safety trained in compliance with 29 CFR 1910.120 to enter specific hazardous waste sites. The field and exploration staff has extensive experience in using the protective monitoring and safety equipment necessary to achieve the required levels of protection for personnel working on these assignments.


Air vacuum excavation system for potholing

Aquifer testing

Cone penetrometer testing

Contaminated and noncontaminated sites

Direct push sampling

Floating platform drilling

Foundations and earthen structures


Instrumentation installation

Materials exploration and evaluation

Monitoring & recovery well installation & decommissioning

Resource exploration

Soil & gas monitoring

Groundwater & soil contamination assessment

Soil sampling, rock coring and in-situ testing