Coal Combustion Residuals (Ash Pond)

The engineers and scientists at Geotechnology have a track record of helping clients achieve cost-effective and technically sound solutions. We have worked closely with several electric power companies in the Midwest to evaluate risks associated with coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills and impoundments.

Technical Expertise

Our firm was founded by geotechnical engineers whose experience included some of the most challenging geotechnical projects in the Midwest. Many of our geotechnical engineers have advanced degrees and more than 20 years of experience.  Our geotechnical expertise for CCR units includes the following services:

  • demonstration reports for seismic impact zones and unstable areas
  • hazard potential classification assessments
  • structural stability assessments
  • stabilization and dewatering evaluations
  • demonstration reports for the uppermost aquifer
  • alternative liner demonstration reports
  • inspections and professional engineer certifications
  • closure and post closure plans
  • closure and new cell construction quality assurance
  • regulatory notifications and reporting

Company resources include 70 professional staff, 20 drill rigs and associated rock coring, packer testing, downhole camera, and monitoring well installation equipment. A cone penetrometer testing (CPT) rig with advanced data collection capabilities is also available. Project support includes in-house geophysical, hydrogeological, and soil laboratory testing services. Project efficiencies are gained by coordination among these in-house resources. Our priority is to complete your project safely, on schedule and within budget.