Vibration Monitoring

It’s inevitable. Construction begins and a line of business owners and residents within five square blocks are filing disturbance complaints.

How do you manage noise and vibration levels to prevent negative effects on existing structures? How do you protect your team from unwarranted damage claims by surrounding property owners?

A positive solution is to pair pre-construction surveys and vibration monitoring. This is particularly important during heavy construction portions of your construction project, including demolition, pile driving, heavy truck hauling, blasting and specialty ground improvement construction.

Vibration monitoring kit

When we provide these services our team will:

Survey pre-existing building conditions and issue report.

We conduct pre-construction condition surveys on surrounding properties, interview property owners and issue reports. Building owners may believe that current construction produced cracks or other cosmetic problems in buildings that were present prior to construction.

Install seismic equipment and monitor vibrations.

Construction in highly-developed urban areas may produce noise and vibrations that disturb building occupants. We install seismographs in strategic locations to measure vibrations before and during the project so construction activities can be adjusted if necessary.

Alert the team of elevated vibration levels.

We help you manage construction vibrations so that existing cracks are not enlarged. This also helps prevent new cracks from developing. We analyze the seismograph readings regularly to determine whether thresholds were exceeded and notify you immediately.

Provide documentation to protect against unwarranted claims.

The pre-construction surveys and regular data summary reports provide documentation of building condition and construction vibrations to avoid / manage damage claims.

Determine allowable noise and vibration limits.

We can prepare specifications for vibration and air blast monitoring to limit cosmetic changes to buildings.