Karst Characterization

Karst geology presents one of the most challenging subsurface regimes for site characterization and development.

Typical karst features include enlarged solution features and caves which serve as groundwater flow pathways. Features can also include the sometimes catastrophic formation of sinkholes at ground surface. Nonetheless, Geotechnology embraces this site characterization and development challenge. We apply our geologic experience and unique geophysical and drilling expertise to navigate such obstacles.

Proven geophysical methodologies coupled with new and innovative computer applications allow Geotechnology to quickly and non-intrusively explore complex karst features. Such measures also provide excellent guidance for drilling programs.

Boring locations are carefully selected based on the geophysical data such that greater characterization information is learned from fewer borings. The result is a well-planned, cost-effective exploration program with fewer surprises. Foundations and other subsurface structures can be more confidently and safely designed within an otherwise potentially hazardous area.

Karst information chart