Geoprobe® Combo Rig

Geoprobe® Combo Rig Proves to be a Valued Tool for Geotechnical and Environmental Projects

It has been almost 18 months ago since Geotechnology expanded its fleet of exploration equipment to include the Geoprobe® 3230 Combo Rig. As expected, this versatile and powerful tool has been a valued resource for our geotechnical and environmental services. With a combination of capabilities, the rig eliminates the need to use multiple pieces of equipment. It also helps our clients to complete projects faster and more efficiently and can reduce overall project costs.

The Geoprobe 3230 is a multi-functional rig that moves back and forth easily from direct push to rotary drilling applications. It can perform typical geotechnical drilling and sampling applications, as well as environmental applications related to site assessments, routine well installations, remediation material injections, and groundwater samplings/screenings. With more speed and power than earlier direct push drill rigs, the Geoprobe Combo Rig direct pushes to greater depths than earlier models. It uses tool strings ranging from 2 inch to 6 inch outside diameter, and can conduct dual tube sampling for depth discrete soil sampling in all types of unconsolidated deposits.

In work dealing with permanent monitoring wells, the rig’s direct push capabilities reduce the time and cost associated with handling and volume of Investigation Derived Waste (IDW). We can also obtain in situ groundwater samples, install soil vapor implants more easily and quickly with minimal IDW, and inject remediation materials at contaminated sites.

Geotechnology recently took advantage of the rigs versatility when we assisted with remedial injection services in an area in Wisconsin underlain with glacial deposits including dense sands and gravels. After another company failed to push through glacial tills and subsurface outwashes, we deployed the Geoprobe 3230 to successfully push the 2.25 inch probe rod to a pre-established depth
and then treat the contaminated site.

Safety is always a top priority, and this machine features a swing-away operator station that allows the driller to focus his attention directly in the work zone while operating the controls. The rig weighs less than 10 tons and is mounted on a tracked carrier which is a narrower and shorter carrier than traditional soils rigs.

We know that every project presents unique circumstances and challenges, and we are committed to selecting the best equipment and personnel to serve your needs. As a result of the success with the 3230 Combo Drill, Geotechnology, Inc, is excited to announce that we will be adding a Geoprobe 7822 DT to our Memphis Rig Fleet before the end of 2020. This addition brings enhanced environmental exploration services to our Mid-South Market while deepening our bench strength with another track-mounted rig capable of executing both environmental and geotechnical projects.

Please contact us to learn how the Geoprobe rigs could assist in making your next project a success.

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