Geotechnology is growing and expanding to better serve our clients in 2016 and beyond.

Map of Geotechnology offices in the United States

Thank you to our clients, employees, and industry partners for making 2015 another successful year for Geotechnology. We are proud of our past accomplishments and the role we have played in our clients’ success. However, we are focusing on the future and how we can improve as a company. We have established three focus points for improvement in 2016: geographic expansion, safety leadership, and service enhancement.

Geographic Expansion: Geotechnology acquired the assets of Thelen Associates inAugust 2015, increasing our staff by 50% to almost 300 employees and adding substantial equipment, facilities and boots on the ground in Kentucky and Ohio. At the beginning of 2015, we also established satellite offices in Mississippi and Arkansas. As a result, Geotechnology enters 2016 with 10 offices in 8 states: MO, KY, TN, KS, OH, IL, MS and AR. This expanded geographic reach allows us to better serve clients in the Midwest, Midsouth and throughout the heartland. As clients, you rely on Geotechnology having the right specialty operators and equipment in reasonably close proximity to your projects. Thus, our geographic expansion is critical to more efficiently and effectively serve you. Some of the projects we are working on include the Archgrounds transformation in St. Louis, MO, the Mountain Parkway in Eastern KY, Lenexa Logistics office park in Lenexa, KS, new Baptist Hospital in Oxford, MS and Miami University’s Athletic Performance Center in Oxford, OH.

Safety Logo_2in Round Sticker_PRINT-01Safety Leadership: Geotechnology’s safety program is growing alongside our expanded operations. Safety is a core value of Geotechnology and is our highest priority. In January 2015, we selected Joe Darmody for the fulltime position of Corporate Risk Manager. Joe has the full authority and responsibility to implement safety and risk management tools to enhance the safety of our workforce. He is supported by a robust safety committee with representatives from each branch office and me. Each branch has a safety coordinator who leads the safety efforts in their respective offices. In late 2015, Geotechnology established a new safety logo to clearly identify the company’s commitment to safety. On January 4, 2016, employees in each of our offices participated in a Safety KickOff and placed their signatures on banners that read: “I am Committed.” Those banners now hang prominently in each office. As clients, you expect us to be safe on your projects and at your facilities, and we are committed to exceeding that expectation each and every day in each and every task.

Service Improvement: Geotechnology has focused on client service for all 31 years of our existence, and we continually seek to improve. Part of that effort to improve has been to seek direct feedback from our clients. Client responses to surveys in 2014 and 2015 indicate that 99% of our clients were happy with our services and 97% would utilize us again. While encouraging, we are not satisfied with those results and are actively working to improve our service to you. As part of our strategic plan, we are enhancing the project management and client relationship skills of our staff. We are also working to improve our client communication tools, including field data reporting and easier to read reports. Most importantly, we need to understand your objectives and work together to develop and execute an appropriate scope of services. Finally, we are expanding the services offered at several of our branches to include environmental, geophysics and deep foundation testing. If you have ideas about how Geotechnology could improve, please call me at 3149977440 or email me at

Thank you for your continued confidence in Geotechnology. Let’s make 2016 great!

Ed Alizadeh, P.E.

President and CEO


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