Cody Boynton

Exploration Manager West

As Exploration Manager, Cody Boynton plans, manages, and coordinates all geotechnical and environmental drilling operations for the Overland Park, Kansas office. Cody is very knowledgeable of the capabilities and limitations of Geotechnology Exploration’s extensive fleet of drill rigs and support equipment. He is also responsible for assigning appropriate equipment and manpower for projects to ensure safe and timely completion. Additionally, Cody prepares cost estimates and proposals.

Cody Boynton’s Background

Prior to joining the Exploration team, Cody already possessed a broad range of drilling experience, having spent 10 years working as a driller, casing crew leader, solids control technician and drilling engineer. Mr. Boynton graduated from Missouri S & T with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering with a minor in Geology.