Letter from our CEO

Letter from Geotechnology, LLC CEO, Ed Alizadeh, P.E.

Geotechnology has continually strived to improve our services to help us provide value and remain a trusted advisor to our clients. As we head into 2022, let’s review some of the changes made at Geotechnology to further our service to you and your colleagues.

On June 30th, we joined forces with Universal Engineering Sciences (UES) based out of Orlando, Florida. Many of you have called us to provide services outside of the Midwest and Midsouth and we usually had to refer you on to other firms in those areas. Now, we are part of UES, the fastest growing engineering company in the nation. As part of UES, we are determined to build the most sought after and trusted geotechnical, environmental, drilling and materials testing firm in the country. We continue to operate as Geotechnology but have sister companies throughout the southeast, south and southwest. Within the next 3 to 5 years, UES will be a truly national brand and we will be able to support your projects throughout the country. It is an exciting time and we are excited to offer you quality and responsive services in a much bigger area. Wherever your project is located, please reach out to your favorite contact at Geotechnology and we will timely put together the UES team to help make your project successful.

On December 1st, GSI joined Geotechnology to make up the Midwest Division of UES. I serve as President of that division and I am thrilled to have GSI join our team. GSI has built a great reputation throughout KS and NE and brings a wealth of specialty environmental services in addition to expanding our geotechnical, drilling and materials testing footprint. Chuck Brewer remains the President of GSI and the entire leadership team remains intact. The addition of GSI brings 70 employees, 6 drill rigs, 2 certified labs and much more equipment to our team. GSI and Geotechnology will work together seamlessly to put the right resources on your projects throughout the Midwest.

In response to many requests from our clients and partners, Geotechnology also purchased our first sonic rig in June; a Terra Sonic 1500CC. Sonic is the go-to method for monitoring/recovery and injection well installations on geo-environmental sites and is a superior drilling and installation method in the following markets:

  • Sand and gravel exploration and reserve estimates
  • Drilling/Sampling and Instrumentation through earthen dams and levees
  • Dewatering Wells
  • Penetration of mine spoil, rubble and urban fill

With the addition of GSI and the sonic rig, Geotechnology can provide a full suite of exploration services throughout the Midwest and MidSouth. From direct push for site assessment and groundwater sampling to auger/rotary/core drills to our 20-ton CPT rig and geophysics providing rapid and detailed subsurface data to sonic drilling, we can provide a comprehensive suite of subsurface exploration tools.

As you can see in the attached map below, our UES team now spans across the country to help serve you better. Let’s work together and make 2022 a big success!

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