New Standards for Mold & Moisture Management Bring Additional Requirements to New Construction

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  • $3 Billion in mold claims was paid out in 2002.*
  • U.S. companies could save as much as $58 Billion annually by preventing sick building illnesses.*
    (*Insurance Information Institute)

The new ANSI Mold and Moisture Management Standard for New Construction (ANSI/GEI – MMS1001) has been passed and is under final review. Project teams building new commercial and multi-unit residential buildings four stories or more must abide by this new standard, which outlines best practices to safeguard against moisture and mold damage.

The Objective for issuing the standard is to reduce the risk of losses to constructors, lenders, developers and insurers and provide a safe environment during construction and within the completed structure. To meet the new requirements, owners and construction managers must:

  • Complete all testing and reporting requirements at the four major phases of a new construction project: Design, Construction, Acceptance and O&M.
  • Retain a Third-party owner’s representative to manage the mold and moisture management program.
  • Employ a Moisture Manager on each construction site who will train workers, conduct inspections, test delivered materials, and keep records.
  • Conduct third-party monitoring and inspection at each of the three sub-phases of Construction Phase: Exposed, Partially Exposed and Controlled Phases.
  • During the Acceptance Phase, conduct third-party inspection and verification testing for baseline airborne fungi, moisture readings of all interior walls, and observation of building systems.
  • Prepare Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plans after the Owner accepts the completed construction project.

Geotechnology can assist clients by managing mold & moisture programs for new construction. By incorporating mold and moisture management into design early, performing field tasks concurrently with other services, assigning qualified staff who can manage the paperwork, and utilizing experience in writing O&M Plans, Geotechnology can walk clients through this additional requirement, help them maintain compliance, reduce loss, and produce a successful, safe project.

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