New Storm Water Regulations for the Construction & Development Industry Take Effect in February 2010

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On November 23, 2009, the USEPA issued a final rule on guidelines for storm water discharges from construction sites.  The rule will take effect in February 2010 and will be phased in over several years depending on the size and location of the site.  The most notable change in the rule is that sites larger than 10 acres will be required to monitor storm water discharges and comply with turbidity discharge limits.  A monitoring requirement did not exist with the previous best management practices, which will continue to apply to sites greater than one acre. Over the next few years, owners and operators of constructions sites will need to learn the new discharge permitting processes and monitoring requirements that States will develop, and incorporate these changes in managing storm water on their construction sites.

Geotechnology’s Environmental Compliance Team has gained extensive experience designing storm water control strategies and monitoring storm water discharges on construction sites.  Contact Joe Darmody to learn more about the new storm water guidelines.

Click here to visit EPA’s webpage containing the Final Rule and Fact Sheet