New Year, New Ways to Serve You!

January 2018

Geotechnology has restructured to better serve our clients in 2018 and beyond.  While we have experienced great success over our 33+ years, the competitive business world requires constant evaluation to make sure we stay ahead of the competition and provide great value to our clients.  As we examined how things have changed, we see our clients are thinking and acting regionally and nationally.  We also noted that our service offerings have changed and those services need different management to be most effective.  Ultimately, we decided to change our organization to be more responsive to you.

How we did it

First, we established exploration and specialty testing as independent service lines serving our clients anywhere.  Many times, our clients that require drilling, geophysics or deep foundation testing are very focused on that particular service and our old structure funneled those services through our local branches.  With those services being independent divisions, they are now able to be more entrepreneurial and responsive to better serve your unique needs, wherever those needs may occur.  Jim Howe is heading up the Exploration Division and Craig Kaibel is heading up Specialty Testing which combines our Geophysics and Deep Foundation Testing capabilities.  Both Mr. Howe and Mr. Kaibel are very knowledgeable and passionate about their service lines and they are motivated to serve you well.  In addition to great people in those Divisions, Geotechnology has invested heavily in top of the line exploration and testing equipment.  Click here to view an Infographic that gives a sense of the range and size of our equipment fleet which is resourced and supported to travel where needed.

Next, we established a Professional Services Division, headed by Frank Callanan, to provide geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting and special inspections/materials testing across our geographic footprint.  Rather than operate as 10 offices, we established 3 regions to serve our clients on a regional basis, East: Keith Pryse, South: Pat Donovan; and Central: Joel Weinhold.  This regional approach aligns better with how our clients pursue work.  It also pools our technical expertise so we are able to put the right person on a project without being limited by branch office assignments.  Finally, we are ramping up our Special Inspection (SI) capabilities.  Geotechnology has been a leader in materials testing and SI in certain markets where the municipality or client drives SI.  We have increased our SI capabilities because we believe this higher level service provides greater value to building owners, contractors and design engineers while assisting the local building officials.  Our SI leadership is available to explain the differences and advantages when compared to traditional materials testing.  Put our SI services to the test and experience the difference.


We will also implement a new paperless field information management system, which will replace our current construction materials testing (CMT) program. GeoField will be fully integrated in March, 2018. This program is an investment that will make us more efficient, consistent, promote quality, and make us better able to serve you in a responsive manner. The new system allows us much more flexibility to meet your needs.

Our field representatives will continue to complete CMT reports electronically using tablets, have the ability to create, manage, and track construction discrepancies so solutions can promptly be put in place, ability to attach photographs to reports and access project specific information.

CMT reports will continue to be issued electronically. Reports will be delivered at the end of the day in a single email in pdf format. GeoField also allows us the ability to control which reports are distributed to selected project team members so that users will only receive reports that are relevant to their area of interest.

Where we are

Here is our new regional map which shows our regional leadership.  You can reach out to any of the contacts listed and expect responsive and professional service to address your project needs.

We continually strive to improve our service and would greatly appreciate your direct feedback about how we can better serve your team in 2018.