Why have a full-time roofing inspector?

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Wentzville industrial plant

Having a full-time roofing inspector on-site during an a roofing installation is a preventative measure that helps clients reduce the risk of leaks and the damages associated with improper installations.

An improperly installed roof can be very costly. Potential damages and financial loss resulting from a roof that has not been constructed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations can include: water damaged warehouse product, retail stock, office furnishings, or electronic equipment; reduction in productivity during repairs; health risks and environmental remediation due to mold growth; premature failure of roofing materials due to lack of fastening, application, or ponding water; and energy loss due to poorly placed insulation.  Geotechnology provides roofing inspection services for a variety of roof types. These include: EPDM (synthetic rubber); TPO (thermoplastic olefin or polyolefin); Built-up (multi-layer felt); Modified Bitumen; Metal; PVC (polyvinyl chloride); and CSPE (chlorosulfonated polyethylene). Our roofing observation and inspection services are typically provided on a full-time basis. With this level of service, our representatives observe construction activities for proper material placement and water tightness to avoid potential leaks. Full-time inspection can also mitigate risks of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty for roofing materials. For example, mold will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Other items that will void a manufacturer’s warranty include materials not being delivered in the original packaging; use of non-specified materials including fasteners, adhesives, and insulation; and materials installed on a roof that is not 100 percent dry. Full-time roofing services include observation of decking, insulation of fasteners and spacing, placement of membrane and flashings, inspection of metal coping and flashing, and inspection of saddles and crickets. Daily reports are produced documenting daily installation procedures and materials and may include a percentage of roofing completed in a day and number of roofers on-site.

Recent Geotechnology roofing inspection project experience includes:

General Motors Assembly Plants in Wentzville, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, CenterPoint Intermodal Facility in Kansas City, Missouri and Amazon’s new warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas.

For additional information, please visit geotechnology.com or contact your branch’s CMT Manager: Jeff Klein, P.E. in St. Louis, MO; Justin Donovan. in Memphis, TN; Luke Heuerman in Fairview Heights, IL, Steve Damron in Overland Park, KS, Matt Barker in Erlanger, Kentucky, Lee Czor, P.E. in Lexington, Kentucky or Doug Fields in Cincinnati, Ohio . If you would like to request information about any of our other services or book a Brown Bag Lunch, contact us here.