Stormwater Assessments

Creek stream

With record rainfall in the St. Louis area in June 2015 (13.14 inches), many municipalities and residents struggled with devastating flooding. Some municipalities are taking proactive steps to address their stormwater management needs and help eventually reduce flooding issues. In March 2015, Geotechnology was retained by HR Green, Inc. to assist with stream and rapid geomorphic assessments of approximately 21 miles of streams within a St. Louis County municipality. The purpose of the assessments was to evaluate and document the existing conditions of various streams within the municipality as well as to identify problem areas. In conjunction with public input, hydraulic modeling, and existing complaint data, the results of the rapid geomorphic stream assessments will ultimately be used to help define the municipality’s Stormwater Management Plan as well as prioritize future stormwater projects.

The rapid geomorphic stream assessments were conducted along eleven tributaries of Deer Creek within the city limits in March and April 2015. Each tributary system was walked, and observations were recorded regarding geomorphic features, adverse stream conditions, erosional concerns, existing stabilization structures, evidence of flooding, riparian vegetation, and ecological function. Geotechnology assisted HR Green, Inc. in compiling the findings into a summary report that documented problem areas, which will be subsequently evaluated to address possible mitigation options.

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