Mike Simpson, Estimator/Project Manager, VeeJay Cement Contracting Co., Inc.

“On behalf of myself and Vee-Jay Cement Contracting, Inc.; I wanted to inform you of the exemplary service that your firm, namely Craig, has brought to the table for us on this project. Craig has done an astounding job by providing his superior technical service and knowledge through the Drilled Shaft Pre-Bores, Camera Inspections, and CSL Testing. I can’t begin to explain what an asset Craig has been to our project team and how instrumental he has been in getting our bridge out of the ground. We appreciate his thorough, constant, and clear communication throughout his work on the project. Without his eager willingness to jump out to the job for a site visit, discuss test results over the phone, or provide assistance to the design and construction teams; this project would not be where it is today. We will recommend Craig/Geotechnology to others in the industry and would be happy to have you guys on our team again in the future.”