Former Chrysler Assembly plant in Fenton, Missouri

Former Chrysler Assembly Plant

Location: Fenton, Missouri

Client: KP Development

Services: Environmental


During the Recession of 2008, many large industrial facilities closed operations and sat fallow, decreasing tax revenues for local economies. This includes the former Chrysler Assembly Plany in Fenton, MO. Industrial sites and vacant buildings like that represent opportunities for companies interested in reusing the land and/or buildings.

Often, one of the biggest challenges to redevelopment is past environmental issues that include soil and groundwater contamination. Environmental contamination reduces the property value as well as interest in re-investment.

The former Chrysler Plant included two former manufacturing plants, the North and South Plants. The plants produced automobiles, vans and truck for 60 years. Accordingly, they may have conducted manufacturing practices that produced environmental impacts to soils and groundwater. The plants were demolished in 2011.

Chrysler Plant Project Background

In anticipation of redevelopment activities, KP Development retained Geotechnology to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. This phase included sampling and testing of soil and groundwater in areas of potential environmental concern, pavement thickness assessment, underground storage tank consulting, and preparation of an application to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program (B/VCP).