St. Elizabeth Edgewood hospital

St. Elizabeth Cancer Care Addition

Location: Edgewood, Kentucky

Client: St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Services: Geotechnical


Geotechnology performed geotechnical consulting services to St. Elizabeth Healthcare for the Cancer Care Addition in Edgewood, Kentucky. The addition is located on the north side of the existing Cancer Care Department that is just southwest of the existing main entrance to the St. Elizabeth Edgewood Hospital. The area of the addition is currently occupied by the edge of the existing asphalt parking lot, concrete sidewalk, and grass landscape strip along the north wall of the existing Cancer Care Center. The ground surface in the vicinity of the addition is relatively flat.

St. Elizabeth’s Cancer Care Addition Project Background

We provided consulting services to assemble the available subsurface information for the site. We also related the engineering properties of the soils and bedrock to recommendations for the addition. Additionally, we assisted with liner accelerator foundation designs and associated site development.

The geotechnical work included preparation of a plan showing the previous test boring locations and research of the previous field and laboratory testing. It also consisted of engineering analyses of the accumulated data and preparation of the report.

Geotechnology* performed earlier fieldwork phases of this exploration were carried out in 1982 and in 2013.

*Services provide prior to 2015 were performed as Thelen Associates, Inc.