Aerial view of TVA Allen Combined Cycle Plant

TVA Allen Combined Cycle Plant

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Client: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Services: Geotechnical


Geotechnology, Inc. was selected to provide the Tennessee Valley Authority with geotechnical services for a $160 million design/build project located south of Paul R. Lowry Road in Memphis, Tennessee. Subsequently, we provided a wide range of services in the development of the TVA Allen Combined Cycle Plant.

TVA Allen Combined Cycle Plant Project Background

This project consists of the construction of a greenfield power production facility. The primary structures include two combustion turbine-generators and a turbine hall building. They also include two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and one steam turbine generator (STG). In addition, various other structures including tanks, pipe racks, cooling towers, a warehouse and an administrative building are being planned.

Geotechnology, Inc. provided geotechnical services including subsurface exploration and site-specific seismic study. We also oversaw SPT- & CPT-based liquefaction hazard evaluation, settlement analysis and CFA Deep foundation (Augercast & drilled-displacement piles) in both static and post-liquefaction conditions. Finally, we conducted Lateral Spreading Analysis.