Geotechnology engineers working at ATHD Broadway Street Bridge project site

AHTD Broadway Street Bridge Barge Docking Facility

Location: Little Rock, AR

Client: HDR Engineering, Inc

Services: Geotechnical, Load Testing, Over Water Drilling


Geotechnology provided geotechnical services for the construction of the AHTD docking facilities adjacent to the Broadway Street Bridge over the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.

AHTD Docking Facility Project Background

Our tasks included drilling over water borings at the locations of the new piles and shafts for the docking facility. We also conducted laboratory testing and geotechnical evaluation of soil and rock samples. Geologic conditions in the river bottom near the barge docking facility consists of sands and gravels overlying shale bedrock. Geotechnology provided soil and rock design parameters, axial capacities for pipe piles and lateral load analyses for driven piles.

Additionally, Geotechnology was asked to test the capacity of a #18 reinforcing bar/coupler assembly with axial tensile load of 240 kips in accordance with AHTD specifications for the project. Geotechnology also observed the load testing and provided a data report of the results.