Holcim Monofill Closure Turf Field worksite

Holcim Monofill Closure Turf Field Quality Control

Location: Catskill, NY

Client: Watershed Geosynthetics

Services: Environmental


The Holcim Monofill owner was decommissioning a concrete plant and had a concrete dust monofill on site that required closure within a short time period. It also required minimal maintenance while maintaining strict National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit restrictions.

Holcim Monofill Closure Turf Field Project Background

Steep slopes, limited soil resources, long term maintenance, and long term sediment transport potential made a traditional soil/geosynthetic Subtitle D cap an expensive and difficult to maintain option. An alternative cap (ClosureTurf) was chosen that addressed these issues.

Geotechnology provided Field Quality Control Technicians to represent Watershed Geosynthetics (product manufacturer) during the installation of a ClosureTurf system. These activities included installation oversight, assisting with training geosynthetic technicians and supervisors, as well as the owners Quality Assurance Technicians (QAT). This was done to provide assurance that the Watershed Geosynthetics’ products were installed according to their required installation techniques and methods.

The capping activities were able to be performed concurrently with the decommissioning activities on site. Ultimately, they exceeded the requirements of the client.